The Sound of Discourse

Parrots at Sauble Beach

Voices can be heard
Like the rumble of the train –
Lively, loud, in conversation.
But with barely a word,

The sound subsides
Until only the hissing can be heard.
And finally, it, too, dies.

No more discourse.

Learning stays within the box,
That which is in the agenda
Or on the track
Of the one for whom
The taking of the post
Was in the hopes
Of making a difference.

Instead, it was a hindrance.

A hindrance to whom the voices belonged,
To discourse,
And to freedom of thought.


Sauble Beach

Being in the middle of winter, reminiscing about summer days helps me to warm up. It’s not just the thought of being on a warm sandy beach, but it’s especially the memories of friends I hold close to my heart. One such friend has a cottage on beautiful Sauble Beach. I can’t begin to tell you how relaxing it is in this little piece of paradise, so I try to spend time there every chance I get. Although the photos tend to show very few people (if any) on the beach, there are hordes of people there during summer weekends.

Here’s a (simple) mini photo essay I created. The formatting is a bit different from the original, as I had to try and convert it into electronic format.

Sauble Beach
Set on the shores of Lake Huron in Southern Ontario, Sauble Beach occupies a seven-mile (11km) strip of beach just west of the Bruce Peninsula. It is easy to see why this sandy beach is often compared to resort beaches of the Mediterranean. One major difference, however, is the number of people making use of it.

The beach strip is owned and maintained by the Saugeen (Ojibway) First Nation Band. For a small fee, beachgoers may bring their vehicles onto designated areas of the beach. The money collected helps with efforts to keep the beach clean. Regrettably, allowing vehicles on the beach threatens the very resource that attracts tourists to this sunny destination: its sand dunes and fragile vegetation.



Some grasses at Sauble Beach are considered rare and are restricted to the shores of Lake Huron. Efforts are currently in place to help reduce the impact of human and vehicle traffic to protect the delicate dunes of this area.



Sauble Beach Sunset
Aside from soft sand and high waves, the beach is known for its magnificent sunsets. At this time of day, cottage owners, residents, and visitors converge on the beach to view the spectacular scene. No one seems to ever get tired of this daily show.



After The Storm
Sauble Beach is a great place to be to catch incredible storms over the lake. The calm after the storm at sunset time makes for unique pictures. This photo was taken without any digital enhancement. The fiery red sky is truly awe-inspiring.



Finally, some wonder what use a beach would be without play…






Or a little romance?