Wedding Bells Ringin’ This Summer


(Photo added Aug 14, 2007)

For all those unmarried people out there wishing, someday, to plan a wedding: DON’T DO IT! Not the wedding, I mean, but the actual planning part! Dave and I finally tied the knot with zero-stress going into the planning. It was a small wedding, with a dozen or so guests who didn’t know they were coming until about a week beforehand. We hadn’t planned on having any guests at first, but at the last minute decided to invite a few friends to join us.When I say stress-free, I mean it. I actually flew into town the day before the wedding, which was a result of finally deciding on an actual date after having planned a trip to Ontario. We decided that getting married on summer solstice in the Yukon would be perfect. So, during my visit to Ontario, I did a bit of shopping and found a simple white cotton skirt with a white cross-over blouse. The only running around took place the day of the wedding:

  • breakfast
  • pressing our outfits
  • washing the truck
  • picking up flowers
  • driving to the location for the ceremony
  • Voilà!

Then, the ceremony took all of about 3.5 minutes, after which we had a toast with champagne, then made our way over to a nice little restaurant tucked away in the woods, (The Wolf’s Den) for some fondue. Perfect!

Since the wedding, I’ve spent more time Outside than in the Yukon, which partly explains why I haven’t been posting to my blog. Thanks for stickin’ around.