Honeymooning on Gabriola Island & Telegraph Cove

This great country of ours has so much beauty. Honeymooners generally seek a place that is breathtaking, quiet, and intimate. We found such a place for our own honeymoon, or should I say, such places.

First, we stayed in a friend’s home on Gabriola Island. For those who have never been there, think of rainforest meets ocean. What a paradise. It’s fairly quiet, considering that you have to take two ferries from the mainland to get there. Like the Yukon, it attracts many artisans and artists. Unfortunately, it’s one of those best kept secrets that got out, which means higher costs to purchase real estate.

Gabriola Island

Lighthouse View from Gabriola Island

Smidgen on Gabriola

Lush Greenery on Gabriola (and Smidgen)

The next place we went to was a tiny area called Telegraph Cove. It’s been in the news lately due to a diesel fuel spill nearby. The tiny community consists of a few historic buildings, an enormous RV park, and two huge homes surrounded by lots ready for sale. Friends of ours own one of the homes and rent it out as a vacation home (Drift Inn). The views are spectacular.

Telegraph Cove

Historic Building at Telegraph Cove, B.C.

View from Drift Inn

View from Drift Inn at Telegraph Cove

I recorded the view on video using my camera, which I will post shortly.


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